Wednesday, 26 March 2014


In room 21  last  week on Thursday 20th March it was the last day of swimming with Wayne and Emily for the year. We played Sharkey, we did a whirlpool and we played a lot  more.We had some free time and there was  no swimming  lessons  that day it was just a fun time. T.W

Swimming Carnival

On Thursday 6th March we had a swimming carnival. I didn't make because that was the day that I broke my arm. I think they would have had lost of fun games. I was riding in the ambulance to Middlemore.


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swimming carnival

In room 21 we had our class swimming carnival on the 20th March .It was our last swimming day with Wayne and Emily. We played  three games. The first game we played was Carry your Partner to the other side. It was easy and fun and awesome! At the end we played Sharkey. Sharkey is a game were there is a tagger who tags the other people. They are the fish. Right at the end there was the massive whirl pool. It was great memory for me and the other children must have enjoyed it as well. BAK