Monday, 25 August 2014

WRITING'The Catch'

Today is Monday 25th August 2014. Our writing today is about a Boy and a fox.It all started when the Boy was fishing at the pond.The Boy was bored and then suddenly his fishing rod was shaking. The Boy decided to pull the fishing rod .When he pulled the rod he saw a tiny fish,When he saw the tiny fish on his rod he was not so happy,Until suddenly he heard a sound coming from his trap that he had set up.In the trap there was a fox.The boy decided to get the fox.The fox came out of the trap and wanted to attack the Boy.The fox attacked the Boy and then the Fox smelled some fish.The Fox got the fish and ran away. After when he caught the Fox he saw a land of big fish.After that he caught a large fish and then went off to the village. R.G

writing 'the catch'

Today is the 25thAugust. We are writing a review of a quick film called 'The atch'.We currently do not know the boys name.He wanted a nice big fat juicy fish for his village.The fox lead him to a whole new world of fish. The fox nicked his first fish which was small. He started to get angry.His anger got higher and higher.Now I hope you see this clip it is cool.B.A  

Poster homework

About our homework posters we did about our  leader. My leader was Sir Edmund Hillary. Before we did our homework we talked about who we are going to do. I said I am going to do Sir Edmund Hillary.
 We had to do it by Friday.We all had did a good job and Mr K gave some of us a Stickers
By : M K



 We did a homework about...who are our leaders??? I did Kate Sheppard. We all did a very good leaders poster. I enjoyed it. It was very fun. I did Kate Sheppard because she was the lady who lead a movement that got thevote for women in New Zealand