Thursday, 3 July 2014


In room 21 we have made some brilliant posters about leaders and how they are leaders to us.I think everybody's posters look really good.And have put in a lot of effort into them.T.W

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Yesterday we had to bring our posters, of our leader to school..They all turned out to be fantastic.We had to share what we learnt from our leader to the class.My leader was Martin Luther King.I learnt that he was a very good leader .All of our posters looked awesome.We put a lot of effort in them.It was really fun doing them.From EM.

House Day

Last Friday it was house day. For the first block I went to room 17. We made crocodiles out of paper. We had to draw an ark shape in the piece of paper. We cut it out and made it's teeth.Then we made it's scales. We could make any shape with the scissors we wanted on our crocodile. It was really fun.I hope we have another house day like that.By EM